3M To Bring 90 Jobs, $5.3mil in Pay to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– $40 million worth of expansion was said to be coming to Springfield’s 3M factory by the Missouri Department of Economic Development on Wednesday.

The international adhesive manufacturer, likely best known for products like the Post-It note is now expected to use that $40 million for an upgrade to its Springfield facility and to create 90 new jobs in the city of Springfield.

“3M has been apart of the Springfield community for 50 years,” Springfield 3M plant manager Frederick James said Wednesday.

He told KOLR10 jobs are already being offered in all departments.

“We’re starting now. We will add jobs across the entire organization,” he said.

Sarah Kerner, Economic Development Director for the City of Springfield, says these jobs will pay 150% of the standard county wage on average. That figure calculates to more than $80,000 a year.

“If you look only at these new jobs, it’s an additional payroll of 5.3 million dollars,” Kerner says.

That average pay is part of an agreement between the city and 3M that’ll qualify the company for tax reductions on their expansion.

“That will give them the ability to continue to grow their presence here,” says Ryan Mooney, Vice President of Economic Development with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

Mooney says another benefit of this growth is the expected flow of that new money into the community.

“Anytime we are creating jobs, especially good quality jobs like this, especially in the manufacturing environment; it’s going to create spin-off activity,” Mooney said.

Above all though, both Mooney and Kerner predict this growth will mean a long-standing partnership between 3M and Springfield for years to come.

“As companies like 3M continue to invest in Springfield it makes them more likely to continue to invest in Springfield,” Mooney says.

“It really shows the company’s confidence in our community,” said Kerner.