Grimmway Farms to lay off 384 employees

Grimmway Farms to lay off 384 employees

A little more than 380 Grimmway Farms employees will be laid off on July 28, the largest grower and shipper of carrots in the world announced Tuesday.

Grimmway Farms said in several letters to the Kern County Board of Supervisors that it plans to close the facility along Edison Highway and lay off 331 employees at the facilities at Arvin and Bakersfield, along Mountain View Road.

The Arvin’s baby-carrot operation would shift to the Grimmway Farms facility off Malaga Road, Grimmway Farms told KBAK-TV Eyewitness News.

The Edison facility, which is a seasonal potato operation, will be closed permanently, KBAK reported.

The company’s changes are to consolidate and make its carrot packing and processing facilities more efficient by reallocating resources, KGET-TV Kern Golden Empire reported.

Grimmway Farms told KGET it expects all affected employees will accept transfers to another Grimmway facility, a retirement package or a shift change.