Phoenix Hometown Hires raises more than $130000 to fund new jobs

Phoenix Hometown Hires raises money at luncheon (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Phoenix Hometown Hires held it’s annual luncheon in Downtown Wilmington Wednesday afternoon. Their purpose was to raise money to create more jobs for those seeking employment across the Cape Fear.

Around 400 people attended the luncheon at the Hilton, making it the non-profit’s largest event to date. Their goal is to help people in our community find jobs.

Phoenix Hometown Hires Executive Director, Will Rikard says they give those who have a criminal background, lack of education, or various obstacles standing in their way, a chance at a new life.

“Today you’re gonna hear some stories of people who have come through our program and found success, found jobs, found happiness. And found hope again. That’s really about today, is about people we’re celebrating who’ve come through our program and found jobs,” Rikard said.

Last year Phoenix Hometown Hires helped 164 people get jobs. So far this year, they have helped 85 people get jobs but their goal is to get 200 people employed by the end of the year.

Organizers say the luncheon raised more than $130,000.