Great American Scorecard—IMAX

Great American Scorecard for CEOs

Company:                                           IMAX
Sales:                                             $2,095.0 million
Sales per Day                                $      5.7 million
CEO Total Compensation            $    14.4 million

American Jobs Eliminated                   100

Income transferred from
Main Street to Wall Street  (est)         $7.5  million
                                        (The Reverse Robin Hood)

Put American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second Score
1 Publicly state it is in the company’s long-term best interests to put “American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second.”
2 No longer use the goal of maximizing short-term profits for shareholders to justify, formulate, and implement any strategy, initiative or cost action that eliminates an American job or to compensate the Executive Officers.
3 The company decides when to hire an employee. Let the employee decide when their American job is no longer needed, which may occur with either an Equitable Employment Termination Agreement, (similar to a Golden Parachute), or by personal choice to leave.
Promote Long-term Growth and Productivity Improvements Score
4 Compensate and reward Executive Officers for creating long-term sustainable growth, that also creates American Jobs.
5 Share the profits of investments that improve the company’s productivity with employees in the form of higher wages, bonuses, and benefits.
Composite Score


The IMAX Corporation is a Canadian theatre company which designs and manufactures IMAX cameras and projection systems as well as performing film development, production, post production and distribution to IMAX affiliated theatres worldwide.  IMAX USA is headquartered in New York.

Mr. Richard L. Gelfond is a Chief Executive Officer and Director of IMAX Corporation. Mr. Gelfond has been sole Chief Executive Officer of the Company since April 2009 and has been a director since March 1994. Mr. Gelfond served as Co-Chairman of the Company with Mr. Wechsler from June 1999 to March 2009 and served as Co-Chief Executive Officer with Mr. Wechsler from May 1996 to March 2009. From March 1994 to June 1999, Mr. Gelfond served as Vice Chairman of the Company.

IMAX USA should take the CEO Challenge knowing that putting American jobs first is in the long-term best interests of the company and our country.