Great American Scorecard—Bank of America

Great American Scorecard for CEOs

Company:                                     Bank of America
Revenue                              $83,416,000.0 million
Revenue per Day                     $228,536.9 million
CEO Total Compensation             $    15.9 million

American Jobs Eliminated by CEO           75,000

Income transferred from
Main Street to Wall Street  (est)     $5,625.0 million
                                        (The Reverse Robin Hood)

Put American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second Score
1 Publicly state it is in the company’s long-term best interests to put “American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second.”
2 No longer use the goal of maximizing short-term profits for shareholders to justify, formulate, and implement any strategy, initiative or cost action that eliminates an American job or to compensate the Executive Officers.
3 The company decides when to hire an employee. Let the employee decide when their American job is no longer needed, which may occur with either an Equitable Employment Termination Agreement, (similar to a Golden Parachute), or by personal choice to leave.
Promote Long-term Growth and Productivity Improvements Score
4 Compensate and reward Executive Officers for creating long-term sustainable growth, that also creates American Jobs.
5 Share the profits of investments that improve the company’s productivity with employees in the form of higher wages, bonuses, and benefits.
Composite Score

Bank of America Corporation is a bank holding company and a financial holding company. The Company is a financial institution, serving individual consumers and others with a range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk management products and services. The Company, through its banking and various non-bank subsidiaries, throughout the United States and in international markets, provides a range of banking and non-bank financial services and products through four business segments: Consumer Banking, which comprises Deposits and Consumer Lending; Global Wealth & Investment Management, which consists of two primary businesses: Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management and U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management; Global Banking, which provides a range of lending-related products and services; Global Markets, which offers sales and trading services, and All Other, which consists of equity investments, residual expense allocations and other.

Mr. Brian T. Moynihan is Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr. Moynihan has been served as our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Moynihan has led the transformation of our company by rebuilding capital and liquidity, streamlining and simplifying our business model to focus on three core customer and client groups, divesting non-core businesses and products, resolving mortgage-related issues from the financial crisis, and reducing core expenses. Mr. Moynihan has demonstrated leadership qualities, management capability, knowledge of our business and industry, and a long-term strategic perspective. In addition, he has many years of broad international and domestic financial services experience, including wholesale and retail businesses

Bank of America should take the CEO Challenge knowing that putting American jobs first is in the long-term best interests of the company and our country.