LA Unified School District to eliminate 114 American Jobs, mostly library aides

LAUSD reassigns 943 employees, laying off 114, mostly library aides

In an effort to stave off a pending budget deficit, the LA Unified school board agreed Tuesday to reassign 943 classified employees, laying off 114 of them.

These reduction-in-force notices are in addition to 115 administrative layoffs that are expected to be finalized by the end of the month.

The latest RIF notices include accounting, financial aid, and technical specialists, as well as clerks, campus aides, and payroll specialists. However, the largest group being laid off — 30 positions — are library aides leaving mostly elementary schools.

A total of 541 classified employees will go to jobs that are equal to their present pay rate, and the rest will be laid off or given lower pay or fewer hours, according to district personnel director Karla Gould.

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