Topre America expanding operation creating 55-65 new American jobs

Topre America expanding operation: larger facility, new jobs

CULLMAN – Topre America, a manufacturer of press-formed metal components for automobiles from brands Toyota, Hond, and Nissan, recently moved part of its production to a new center in Ohio.  The company said that no Cullman jobs would be lost, and has since announced plans to expand both activities and facilities at the Cullman plant.  A new production line will press metal parts under heat, a process Topre says will allow lighter parts to be made while actually increasing the strength of the metal, leading to vehicles that are both safer and more fuel efficient.

“It’s going to be for 36 million dollars,” said Kennedy, “with 84 positions; some of those positions will be filled by people who already work for Topre.  We’re looking at about 55-65 new employees and new jobs.  It’s going to be for some new business they’ve gotten.

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