With 6 Million Job Openings We still have 13 Million Americans Under Utilized and Discouraged , Forbes Still Wants More Immigrants To ‘Take Jobs’ From Americans?

 Here is an amazing statistic: 73 counties in the United States have “unemployment rates of 2 percent or lower,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). At such low rates, or even somewhat higher, it means that anyone who wants and is able to work can find employment. The concept of “frictional” unemployment means individuals leaving jobs and others seeking new jobs is going to leave some level of unemployment above zero.

And this brings us to the debate over immigration. “The low unemployment rate, plus employers noting the dearth of available workers, indicates the desperate need for more workers across the skill spectrum,” Madeline Zavodny, a professor of economics at the University of North Florida, told me. “Continued economic growth requires more U.S. natives to enter the U.S. labor market and demonstrates the need for foreign-born workers.”

The main argument made by critics of immigration is that immigrants “take” jobs from Americans. Yet if immigrants harm the job prospects of U.S. workers why has the unemployment rate continued to fall year after year?