Mayo Clinic announces their turn to eliminate American jobs

Mayo Clinic announces first layoffs in Albert Lea

ALBERT LEA — Mayo Clinic is officially moving forward with its transition plan in Albert Lea, despite united opposition from city and county officials and thousands of local citizens.

The first domino fell Wednesday when Mayo Clinic Health System informed three health unit coordinators that their jobs were being eliminated at the end of September. Those impending layoffs coincide with Mayo’s plan to consolidate its intensive-care unit at the Austin campus this fall.

The fate of the 13 ICU nurses in Albert Lea remains to be seen. Three others have already departed since Mayo’s June 12 announcement, prompting Mayo to impose a transfer freeze, Armstrong said.

Armstrong’s Facebook post speculated that the layoffs might be the first of 500 local losses, which would effectively cut Mayo’s Albert Lea workforce in half. It’s the second time Armstrong has used that number publicly and the second time Mayo has rebuked him for it.

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